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Danielle offers a number of Personal Styling sessions, which are all carried out completely bespoke to the individual. Whether based in the North, or down South, Danielle can make sessions work around each client's needs and location. 



  • A ridiculous amount of clothes but absolutely no idea how to put anything together? Basically all the clothes/accessories/bags/shoes, but NO idea?

  • In a 'literally what do I WEAR/nothing suits me/works' rut - maybe after a change in seasons, a relationship shift, a major life milestone, a new professional role?

  • Always wanted to know what truly works for your shape, your life, your wants, your needs? From cuts to brands to accessories to colour to go-to combos. Does your current wardrobe really, represent and actually work, for YOU?

  • Need a refresh, some expert advice, guidance and INSPIRATION as to how your wardrobe really should be something that is exciting, an asset, a key role in your day-to-day confidence, and happiness?

A session carried out deep in your wardrobe, to truly tackle & overhaul to suit (and save) YOU. Danielle will declutter, organise, style-up, edit and teach throughout, working through in a way that's best for you. Putting together outfits from existing pieces, culling those you really don't need, recommending those you do (and WHY), and ultimately organising your wardrobe into a gorgeous, inspiring, edited and curated collection of pieces you love, and now know how to wear. 

What we wear really does have the power to lift us. Nailing even a tiny ounce of self-confidence when it comes to style, really is pretty life-transforming.

Post-session, Danielle will send you a bespoke Style Profile, listing everything learnt + brands to try and online sites to hit to truly create and perfect that wardrobe to love.

Price - £380 - Sessions generally take anywhere from  3-6 hours, depending on the wardrobe (and the chats).


  • Did you know everyone has a palette of colours that harmonise perfectly with their features, their individual characteristics?​

  • Ever wondered why everyone always comments on how fab you look when you wear that particular shade of blue - even when you're running on about 3 hours sleep?

  • We all have a perfect shade of red, blue, green, pink, nude, know yours?

  • Wearing just one perfectly matched shade from your palette can - brighten complexions, diminish wrinkles, lighten shadows, make eyes pop, add warmth and pink to the cheeks,...

  • From everything to make-up, to the metallics we choose for our accessories - there are tones and shades and combos that truly work best for YOU.

  • Once you know, you know. This is a once in a lifetime test - your perfect colours are relative to you at your most natural, you as a child.

An old school concept, but one ​that's seriously overlooked when it comes to style. Colour is relative to the individual, and finding out those tones that harmonise with YOU and bring out YOUR gorgeous features, to then make you feel your absolute BEST all the time,  can be insanely transformative. Absolutely not a bible or restrictive at all- even working one shade into a look, switching up that red lipstick, wearing certain colours on your top half rather than the bottom, will honestly completely change the way you look at colour, for you.

Carried out at home, in front of a mirror and in natural light, barefaced. Danielle will come to you in the comfort of your own home.  You'll find out your individual palette, how to wear your shades (from clothes to make-up), and WHY they are yours. Sessions include a bespoke Colour Booklet, to forever refer to.

Price: £95 - Sessions last 1.5 hours.


Generally carried out after the Wardrobe Cleanse to add those pieces you now know you need, this is the shopping trip one. Carried out wherever is best and convenient for you, as well as where Danielle knows you'll hit all the brands best for your list, you'll spend either half a day, or a full day shopping with her, working to your budget. She'll know exactly what you'll be trying in each shop (no wandering, no stress, no struggle), and you'll end with either lunch, dinner, coffee or full-on DRINKS. All included.

Shopping sessions are either 1/2 a day, or a full day.

The GIFT One

Each session, or a combo, can be bought as a gift for the Mum/sister/Mother In Law/BFF/wife/girlfriend who has everything. Whether one session, or a style bundle, create a bespoke package best for them.

Please do get in touch - for all prices and any more info. Or head on over to my instagram @littlefashbird and drop me a DM.

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